The Peters

December 5, 2008

Ryan and I became friends with these two when they were dating. Ryan and Tim were working at the same church at the time. They have become dear friends to us over the years! Their kids are so cute. Their family is growing a little more quickly than ours! You might remember Carly Marie from a few posts back. Then there is Cody! Cody is one tough client. He made me work! I pulled out all the stops on this one. He is just so busy. There are places to go and parks to play on…there is no time to stop for pictures!img_1109blog1




the next one makes me laugh! Cody is starring at the big open space next to him that he would rather be running in and its hard to see it, but Carly has her tongue sticking out…



still in love after the craziness of 2 kiddos…


check out these cheeks! I love them…




the next one is the last shot I took and it is my favorite one! I think it is so funny, Cody was done…



2 Responses to “The Peters”

  1. Ryan said

    I love the family in the field shot! What a good looking family.

  2. chipgillespie said

    Very nice!! Great shoot!

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