The Hinojosa Family

December 10, 2008

Meet the Hinojosas! Robyn might be one my biggest fans. I ruined Picture People and Sears for her a few years ago and she has been unashamedly singing my praises ever since, so of course I LOVE HER! Well, after having to reschedule this session twice because of weather and who knows what else, we finally got a time that would work. It was so last minute too. The weekend of Thanksgiving my Sunday session cancelled and I was walking out of church when I saw Robyn. It was 12:30 and I told her I could fit her in at 3:00. She literally pulled together clothes and everything in just a few short hours. The wind however was out of control! We had to fight wind blown hair and hurricane force winds throughout the whole session. In the end I actually like the windy look in a few, so maybe it wasn’t all bad….




a picture for Alberto’s office…img_2983blog1

the next one is my favorite!









3 Responses to “The Hinojosa Family”

  1. Wow they look so cute!!!

  2. Robyn said

    OMG!!!! If I didn’t have a house full of babies I would be screaming right now!!! Jamie, they are fabulous :o) I love them soooo much…I could never thank you enough!!!

  3. Lynsy said

    Robyn-SERIOUSLY chill out weirdo!!
    They are super cute.. gotta love our Jamie Kutter!!

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