I have a niece!

January 19, 2009

Meet London Alexis! She was born on Friday. This is my older brother (Jason) and his wife’s baby girl. They have two boys also, so she is just what they need. I was supposed to take Alicia’s maternity photos on Saturday, but since her water broke on Friday the baby came early surprising us all! She is just perfect though…weighing in at 5lbs. 9ounces. I will be photographing her newborn pictures soon, so you can expect to see more of her. 

First, I have to show you one of their Christmas photos that I never got to blog, luckily we did get that cute belly in a few photos…


How cute is she…







Look how cute my little nephews are! This is Luke, he is SO proud of his little sister….


and Lane ( who wasn’t to sure about all of this new baby stuff before she got her, but now I think he is in awe of her)…




just a little bit of hair…



Jason thought she was so cute in this little hospital bow hat….



9 Responses to “I have a niece!”

  1. Robyn Hinojosa said

    I was hoping you would blog these!!! She is beautiful!! Tell them congrats :o) Girls are so fun!!

  2. Jennifer Thomson said

    OMGOSH!! London is so beautiful! i cant wait to meet her 🙂 how cute is the picture of the boys meeting there new baby sister??!!!

  3. Alisha said

    She is so beautiful! I can definitely see the Roper genes!!

  4. Sam said

    She is so gorgeous!! I can’t wait to meet her. The boys look awe struck. I bet they are going to dote on her like crazy.

  5. Beth said

    I’m so glad you posted these! I haven’t been able to see her yet. She’s adorable!

  6. Oh my gosh — Congratulations, guys!!! She’s beautiful!!

  7. Marsha said

    oh my gosh she is sooooooo pretty!!!! Can’t wait to meet her!

  8. Paw Paw said

    What an awesome new grand daughter!! I am truly blessed!

  9. Tiffany said

    she is soooo adorable and I LOVE her name;)

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